Transfer File Using rsync

  1. native cmd

    rsync -avuz –progress source_dir dest_dir

    • -v, –verbose Verbose output

    • -q, –quiet suppress message output

    • -a, –archive archive files and directory while synchronizing ( -a equal to following options -rlptgoD)
    • -r, –recursive sync files and directories recursively
    • -b, –backup take the backup during synchronization
    • -u, –update don’t copy the files from source to destination if destination files are newer
    • -l, –links copy symlinks as symlinks during the sync
    • -n, –dry-run perform a trial run without synchronization
    • -e, –rsh=COMMAND mention the remote shell to use in rsync
    • -z, –compress compress file data during the transfer
    • -h, –human-readable display the output numbers in a human-readable format
    • –progress show the sync progress during transfer
  2. parallelled wrapper

    ./parsyncfp –NP=6 –startdir = ‘/home/zl/fuzz’ ./ remote_user@remote_ip:remote_dir